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Top 25 Rated Cartoons:

Rating# VotesCartoon
5.007Chum Bucket Supreme (NickToon Productions)
5.006Ham And Eggs (Walter Lantz Productions.)
5.005Alaskan Knights (Columbia Pictures Corporation)
5.005Call Me Almondine (Cartoon Network Studios)
5.005Dog Gone (Jefferson Film Corporation, Mutt and Jeff Films, Bud Fisher Films)
5.005Down South (M. J. Winkler Productions)
5.005El Canto (Les Films de l'Arlequin, Arte France.
With The Participation Of: Centre National du cinéma et de l’Image animée)
5.005Farmer Al Falfa's Prize Package (TerryToon Cartoons)
5.005Jungle Jazz (Van Beuren Studios)
5.005Mexico (Walter Lantz Productions.)
5.005Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas (Walt Disney Television Animation, Disney Movie Studios.)
5.005Midnight Muddle (HIT Entertainment)
5.005Never Say Try (Warner Bros. Television Animation.)
5.005Parking Space (Walter Lantz Productions.)
5.005Radio Rhythm (Walter Lantz Productions.)
5.005Russian Dressing (Columbia Pictures Corporation)
5.005Springtime Serenade (Universal Studios)
5.005The Band Master (Columbia Pictures Corporation)
5.005The Bill Poster (Columbia Pictures Corporation)
5.005The Cheese Ball Cup (HIT Entertainment)
5.005The County Fair (Walter Lantz Productions.)
5.005The Hay Ride (TerryToon Cartoons)
5.005The Lumber Champ (Walter Lantz Productions.)
5.005The Male Man (Fleischer Studios)
5.005The Old Switcheroo (Walt Disney Television Animation)

20 Most Popular Cartoons (by Number of Votes)

# VotesRatingCartoon
5004.68Hollywood Capers (A Vitaphone Production)
4924.79The Plumber (Walter Lantz Productions)
4834.87Five And Dime (Walter Lantz Productions)
4744.88Weenie Roast (Columbia Pictures Corporation)
4624.75Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! (A Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising Production, Vitaphone Pictures)
4534.88Seeing Stars (Columbia Pictures Corporation)
4434.88Wolf! Wolf! (Walter Lantz Productions.)
4264.86Snow Time (Columbia Pictures Corporation)
4064.88The Merry Old Soul (Walter Lantz Productions)
3814.77One More Time (A Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising Production, Vitaphone Pictures)
3554.90The Kite That Got Away (Chorion)
3464.92The Busy Barber (Walter Lantz Productions)
3384.90Mystery Of The Missing Tomatoes (Chorion)
3274.88Angelina And Gracie's Creative Day (SD Entertainment)
3154.76Lady, Play Your Mandolin! (A Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising Production, Vitaphone Pictures)
3064.71Hittin' The Trail For Hallelujah Land (A Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising Production, Vitaphone Pictures)
3024.89The Hunter (Walter Lantz Productions.)
3013.80Order Of The Black Cats (Film Roman Productions, Felix the Cat Productions.)
2934.96Sleepy Holler (Winkler Pictures)
2614.81Scent-Imental Over You (Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc.)

Lowest 20 Rated Cartoons:

Rating# VotesCartoon
0.003The Flamboyant Arms (TerryToon Cartoons, CBS Films)
0.103Come Out Wherever You Are (DiC Entertainment)
0.2067A Basket Case (DiC Entertainment)
0.2066Bewitched Bear (Hanna-Barbera Studios)
0.233La Leggenda del Titanic (Hollywood Gang Productions, International TV Broadcasting, Mondo TV)
0.2668Bear On A Picnic (Hanna-Barbera Studios)
0.2667Booby Trapped Bear (Hanna-Barbera Studios)
0.2969Mickey's Orphans (Walt Disney Studios)
0.3071The Clock Store (Walt Disney Studios)
0.35198Ring-a-Ding Picnic Basket (Hanna-Barbera Studios)

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