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Alternate Studio Title: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

As is obvious from the hyphenated name, Metro-Golwdyn-Mayer was formed from many components. Richard A. Rowland founded the original Metro Pictures Corporation in 1915, and their biggest star was Francis X. Bushman. The studio was based in New York City, Fort Lee, New Jersey, and in Los Angeles. Marcus Loew of Loews Theaters purchase purchased the studio in 1920. Loew next bought up Goldwyn Pictures, which was founded in 1916 by Samuel Goldfish and Broadway producers Edgar and Archibald Selwyn. Samuel added the "wyn' to his name, but lost the studio to Lee Shubert.

MGM was based in Hollywood, California.

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MGM Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

MGM Animation Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Animation   (1993-, 226 Cartoons.)
Alternate Series Title: MGM Animation

The Secret of NIMH 2, Tom Sawyer, An All Dogs Christmas Carol

MGM Shorts Shorts   (1937-1967, 316 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)
Droopy, Tom and Jerry, Screwy Squirrel, Barney Bear...

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I Love Lucy Picture Of Cartoon I Love Lucy1951

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