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Adolph Zukor founded the original Famous Players Film Company in May of 1912 with the stated goal of making feature-length motion pictures. Almost at the same time the Lasky Feature Show Company was begun by Jesse Lasky (with money borrowed from his brother-in-law, Samuel Goldfish [Goldwyn]). By 1914, both Lasky Pictures and Famous Players distributed their films through W. W. Hodkinson's Paramount Pictures Corporation. On September 28, 1916, the companies were merged as Paramount-Famous-Lasky Corporation, and then into Famous Players-Lasky Corporation.

Paramount Pictures is based in Hollywood, California.

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Paramount Pictures Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Bray Productions Bray Productions   (1914-1929, 603 Theatrical Films.)
Alternate Series Title: Bray Pictures Corporation

A McDougall Alley Comedy, Bobby Bumps, Bray Magazine, Bray Novelty Magazine, Bud and Susie, Dinky Doodle, Experimental, Farmer Al Falfa ...

Famous Studios Famous Studios   (1942-1967, 756 Cartoons.)
Casper, Little Lulu, Noveltoons, Popeye...

Fleischer Studios Fleischer Studios   (1928-1941, 460 Cartoons.)
Betty Boop, Popeye, Superman, Talkartoons...

George Pal George Pal   (1941-1950, 42 Theatrical Films.)
Madcap Models, Puppetoons

Paramount Magazine Paramount Magazine   (1919-1921, 44 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)
Bobby Bumps, Felix the Cat, Peanut Comedies

Speaking Of Animals Speaking Of Animals   (1941-1944, 50 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

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Paramount Pictures Studio :


Variety Girl Free Cartoon Picture Variety Girl1947
Paramount Pictures
 featuring Romeow, Juliecat, Mondogues, Catulets, Catherine Brown, Amber La Vonne, Bob Kirby, R.J. O'Connell, Bill Farris; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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Particle Dreams Free Cartoon Picture Particle Dreams1988
Paramount Pictures

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