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Brothers Max and Dave Fleischer moved on from Bray Studios to form Inkwell Studios in 1921. Renamed Fleischer Studios in 1928, the studio proved to be a major player in early animation history, and the only serious rival to Disney in the 1930's. The studio started life in New York, but the Fleischer brothers moved to Miami in the late 1930's due to labor and union problems.

Fleischer Studios

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Fleischer Studios Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Animated Antics   (1939-1941, 12 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Betty Boop   (1932-1939, 88 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Color Classics   (1934-1941, 36 Theatrical Cartoons.)
Alternate Series Title: A Max Fleischer Color Classic

Feature Films   (1939-1941, 2 Theatrical Films.)

Gabby   (1940-1941, 8 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Inkwell Imps   (1928-1929, 29 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Popeye the Sailor   (1933-1942, 108 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Screen Songs   (1929-1938, 109 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Stone Age   (1940, 12 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Superman   (1941-1942, 9 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Talkartoons   (1929-1932, 42 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Related Cartoon Series:

Out Of The Inkwell Films
  (1921-1927, 179 Cartoons)

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