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King Features Syndicate

King Features Syndicate Studio Logo

Primarily a print syndication company owned by The Hearst Corporation, King owns or controls over 150 comic strips in 5000 newspapers. Al Brodax joined KFS as the head of their film and television development department in 1960. Famous Studios contract to produce Popeye cartoons had just expired, and Brodax pushed to pick up the television rights to the characters. Spreading production across 5 different studios, pushing budgets to new lows, Brodax brought the show in profitably. Two years later, he applied the same techniques to the King Features Trilogy.

Brodax and King Features went on to also produce their own new characters in Cool McCool and a Casper revival as well as a series based on The Beatles.

King Features Syndicate Studio Directories Cartoon Series:


The Beatles The Beatles   (1965-1967, 78 Episodes.)

Cool McCool Cool McCool   (1966, 61 Episodes.)

Popeye Popeye   (1960-1961, 220 Episodes.)

Specials   (4 Specials.)

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