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Cool McCool

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Batman creator Bob Kane was the man behind this spy spoof/comedic adventure. This series featured the animated exploits of Cool McCool, a gadget-wielding, trenchcoat-clad, 007-type who fought against an array of bizarre villains. Also in the show was Pop the Cop, the exploits of Cools' father and his Keystone Kops-like cronies.

Cool McCool Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

Cool McCool Cool McCool   (1966, 40 Episodes.)

Pop the Cop Pop the Cop   (1966, 20 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Harry McCool And The Komedy Kops

Cool McCool TV Episode Guide :


Cool McCool Pictures Of Cartoons Cool McCool1966
King Features Syndicate, Cavalier
 featuring Cool McCool, Harry McCool, Number One, Friday, Jack-in-the-Box, Madcap, Rattler, Hurricane Harry, Owl, Riggs; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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