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Japanese Studio Title: Tôhô Kabushiki-gaisha

A Japanese entertainment company that produces film and theater productions, as well as distribution of it's product. Most highly regarded as the producer of the films of Akira Kurosawa, as well as the co-producer and distributor of Studio Ghibli animated films. But Toho's greatest contribution to world cinema has to be their creation of the monster Godzilla, who was featured in 29 Toho films. Godzilla and his kindred Mothra, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, and Rodan are described as being Toho's "Big Five" due to the monsters' numerous appearances in Toho films.

Toho Co Toho Company is based in Japan.
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Toho Company Studio Directory Anime Series:

Ozu No Mahôtsukai   (1986 – 1987, 52 Episodes.)
English Series Title: The Wizard Of Oz
Godzilla: The Series   (1998 – 2000, 40 Episodes.)
Igano Kabamaru   (1983 – 1984, 24 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Hippo Mouth of Iga
Kimagure Orange Road   (1987 – 1988, 48 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Whimsical Orange Road
Meiken Jorî   (1981 – 1982, 52 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Belle And Sebastian
Midori No Hibi   (2004, 13 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Midori Days
Shin Kaitei Gunkan   (1995 – 1996, 2 OVA Cartoons.)
English Series Title: Super Atragon
Mahotsukai On Za Rokkus   (1999, 2 OVA Cartoons.)
English Series Title: Sorcerer on the Rocks
Tatchi   (1985 – 1987, 101 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Touch
Winx Club   (2004 –, 154 Episodes.)