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Walter Lantz Studios

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Born April 27, 1899 Walter Benjamin Lantz had one of the longest careers of any of his contemporaries. He began as an auto mechanic, but a wealthy patron saw his drawings on the wall, and paid to send the young man to Art Students League in New York. By the time he was 16, Gregory La Cava hired Lantz to work in his animation room at Bray Productions. Lantz eventually worked his way up to animator on Jerry On The Job.

Walter Lantz Studios was based in Universal City, California.

Walter Lantz Studios Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Andy Panda Andy Panda   (1939-1949, 24 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

The Beary Family The Beary Family   (1962-1972, 28 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Cartune Cartune   (1934–1957, 50 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)
Alternate Series Title: Cartune Classics

Chilly Willy Chilly Willy   (1953-1972, 50 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Commercials Commercials   (1948-1953, 19 Theatrical Films.)

Foolish Fables Foolish Fables   (1953-1955, 3 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Hickory, Dickory and Doc Hickory, Dickory and Doc   (1959-1962, 9 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Homer Pigeon Homer Pigeon   (1942-1956, 3 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Inspector Willoughby Inspector Willoughby   (1960-1965, 12 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Lil' Eightball Lil' Eightball   (1939, 3 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Maggie and Sam Maggie and Sam   (1956-1957, 3 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Maw and Paw Maw and Paw   (1953-1955, 4 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Meany, Miny and Moe Meany, Miny and Moe   (1936-1937, 13 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Musical Miniatures Musical Miniatures   (1946-1948, 6 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Nertsery Rhyme Nertsery Rhyme   (1939, 2 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

New Universal Cartoon New Universal Cartoon   (1938, 16 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Oswald the Lucky Rabbit   (1929-1938, 142 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Pepito Chickeeto Pepito Chickeeto   (1957, 1 Episode Theatrical Cartoon.)

Peterkin Peterkin   (1939, 1 Episode Theatrical Cartoon.)

Pooch the Pup Pooch the Pup   (1932-1933, 13 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Sugarfoot Sugarfoot   (1954, 2 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Swing Symphony Swing Symphony   (1941-1945, 14 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Windy Windy   (1958-1959, 4 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Woody Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker   (1941-1972, 195 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

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Walter Lantz Studios Studio :


Blue Notes 1928
 featuring Bolivar the Talking Ostrich.

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Going Places #18 -- Cartoonland Mysteries 1936
 featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

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Boy Meets Dog! Pictures Of Cartoons Boy Meets Dog!1938
Walter Lantz Productions, Caravel Films
 featuring Boy, Dog, Father, Elves, Pixies.

Boy Meets Dog! On Video!  BCDB Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.25 stars from 5 users.)

Derby Nite (Production Cancelled- 1939)
Universal Studios

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The Amazing Recovery Of Inbad The Ailer Pictures Of Cartoons The Amazing Recovery Of Inbad The Ailer1939
Walter Lantz Productions
 featuring Sultan Inbad.

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Loggy Logger (Production Cancelled- 1942)
Walter Lantz Productions.

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Trail Blazin' Rangers (Production Cancelled- 1944)
Universal Studios

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The Enemy Bacteria Pictures Of Cartoons The Enemy Bacteria1945 MN-1511
Walter Lantz Productions
 featuring Germs, Chief Surgeon.

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Reddy Made Magic Pictures Of Cartoons Reddy Made Magic1946 C-100
Walter Lantz Productions
 featuring Reddy Kilowatt.

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The Melancholy King (Production Cancelled- 1946)
Walter Lantz Productions.

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The Egg And I Pictures Of Cartoons The Egg And I1947 C-109
Walter Lantz Productions

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The Story Of Human Energy Pictures Of Cartoons The Story Of Human Energy1947 C-110
Walter Lantz Productions

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Cat-Nappy (Not Released) UA-16
Walter Lantz Productions.

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