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The Marvel Superheroes Show

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This series was composed of 195 six-minute segments, three of which combined to make a complete story arc/show. There were 13 complete shows (39 segments) for each series. The cartoons were made as a series of static comic-strip panel images, and only the lips of those speaking moved.

The Marvel Superheroes Show Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

Captain America Captain America   (1966, 39 Episodes.)

The Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk   (1966, 39 Episodes.)

Iron Man Iron Man   (1966, 39 Episodes.)

The Mighty Thor The Mighty Thor   (1966, 39 Episodes.)

Sub-Mariner Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner   (1966, 39 Episodes.)

The Marvel Superheroes Show TV Episode Guide :


The Marvel Superheroes Show Cartoons Picture The Marvel Superheroes Show1966
Grantray-Lawrence Animation...
 featuring Captain America/Steve Rogers, The Incredible Hulk/Dr. Bruce Banner, Iron Man/Tony Stark; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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