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Grantray-Lawrence Animation

Grantray-Lawrence Animation Studio Logo

Founded by animation veterans Grant Simmons, Ray Patterson, and Robert Lawrence, hence the name. Grantray-Lawrence started by making television commercials. They moved on into television shows. Their shows were known for being low quality- limited animation, a lot of hold frames, but relatively inexpensive for the producers. They closed when they filed forwent bankruptcy in 1967. Production of Grantray-Lawrence's single series Spider-man continued at Krantz Films after the bankruptcy.

Grantray-Lawrence Animation Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

The Marvel Superheroes Show The Marvel Superheroes Show   (1966, 196 Episodes.)

Max the 2000-Year-Old Mouse Max the 2000-Year-Old Mouse   (1967, 1 Series.)

Spider-Man Spider-Man   (1967, 40 Episodes.)

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Grantray-Lawrence Animation Studio :


The Hope That Jack Built Cartoons Picture The Hope That Jack Built1957
A Robert Lawrence Production

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