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Welcome to the Big Cartoon DataBase Episode Guide for the various animated shows made by Film Roman Productions. We have compiled this episode guide of the various Film Roman Productions shows, include cast and crew lists, and synopsis of the various cartoon episodes.

Film Roman Productions:

The Blues Brothers Animated Series   (1997, 8 Episodes.)
Bobby's World Bobby's World   (1990, 80 Episodes.)

Bruno the Kid   (1996, 36 Episodes.)
C Bear and Jamal   (1996, 28 Episodes.)
The Critic The Critic   (1994, 23 Episodes.)

Cro   (1993, 19 Episodes.)
Dan Vs.   (23 Episodes.)
Family Guy Family Guy   (1999, 206 Episodes.)

Free For All   (1 Episode.)
Garfield and Friends Garfield and Friends   (1988, 363 Cartoons.)

The Goode Family   (2009, 13 Episodes.)
King of the Hill King of the Hill   (1997, 264 Episodes.)

The Mask The Mask   (1995, 54 Episodes.)

Me, Eloise Me, Eloise   (2006, 13 Episodes.)

Mighty Max Mighty Max   (1994, 27 Episodes.)

Mission Hill Mission Hill   (1999, 18 Episodes.)

Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm   (1996, 13 Episodes.)

Mother Goose and Grimm   (1992, 6 Episodes.)
The Oblongs   (2001, 13 Episodes.)
Richie Rich   (1996, 13 Cartoons.)
The Simpsons   (1992, 459 Episodes.)
Slacker Cats Slacker Cats   (2007, 6 Episodes.)

The Mr. Potato Head Show   (13 Episodes.)
The Twisted Adventures of Felix the Cat   (1995, 33 Episodes.)
Victor   (2000, 1 Theatrical Film.)
X-Men Evolution X-Men Evolution   (2000, 52 Episodes.)

Feature Films Feature Films   (1992, 4 Theatrical Films.)

Specials Specials   (1982, 18 Specials.)

Film Roman Productions Cartoon List :


Hairballs (Production Cancelled- 2001)
Film Roman

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Bill Plympton Couch Gag 2012
Gracie Films...
 featuring Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson.

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