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This compilation show began in 1985 in syndication with three segments, Galtar and the Golden Lance, Paw Paws and Yogi's Treasure Hunt.

In coming years, many other shows were added to the mix. The animated block combining older Hanna-Barbera shows and new, fresh cartoons. The show ran through 1994.

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The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera Show Segments:

The Adventures of Don Coyote   (1990-1991, 26 Episodes.)

The Further Adventures of SuperTed   (1988, 13 Episodes.)

Galtar and the Golden Lance   (1985, 20 Episodes.)

  (1985, 12 Episodes.)

  (1986, 14 Episodes.)

Paw Paws   (1985-1986, 21 Episodes.)

The Pirates of Dark Water   (1992, 8 Episodes.)

Sky Commanders   (1987, 13 Episodes.)

Yogi's Treasure Hunt   (1985, 27 Episodes.)

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2 Stupid Dogs
  (1993-1995, 53 Cartoons)

Yo Yogi!
  (1991, 19 Cartoons)

Young Robin Hood
  (1991, 26 Cartoons)

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