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Homer Pigeon

Homer Pigeon Theatrical Cartoon Series Logo

Homer Pigeon was a rather sporadic Walter Lantz character. He first appeared in 1942, then again the following year. Then he took a 13 year hiatus, to return in 1956 for his last theatrical short. He reappeared in 1964, on television in The Woody Woodpecker Show episode "Spook-A-Nanny".

Homer Pigeon Theatrical Cartoon List :


Pigeon Patrol Pictures Cartoons Pigeon Patrol1942 1016.
MPAA: 08237

Walter Lantz Productions
 featuring Homer Pigeon, Mazie, Japanese Vulture, Carrier Pigeons, Pigeon Fledglings.

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Swing Your Partner Pictures Cartoons Swing Your Partner1943 C-8
Walter Lantz Productions
 featuring Homer Pigeon, Hank, Homer's Girl.

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Pigeon Holed Pictures Cartoons Pigeon Holed1956 U-55
Walter Lantz Productions
 featuring Homer Pigeon, Alex Pigeon, Paul Pigeon, Pig, Air Corps Recruiter.

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