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Saban Entertainment

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Haim Saban and Shuki Levy formed this entertainment company in 1984. Originally known for importing, dubbing, and adapting several Japanese series, Saban also was involved in the co-production of French/American animated shows with DIC Entertainment. Bought out by Disney in 2001.

Saban Entertainment Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist   (1996, 1 Episode.)
Avventura di Marina   (1990, 1 Episode.)
Alternate Series Title: Saban's Adventures Of The Little Mermaid Fantasy

BattleTech: The Animated Series BattleTech: The Animated Series   (1994, 15 Episodes.)

The Bots Master The Bots Master   (1993, 40 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Le Maître Des Bots

Bureau of Alien Detectors Bureau of Alien Detectors   (1996, 13 Episodes.)

Chiisana Obake Acchi, Kocchi, SocchiChiisana Obake Chiisana Obake Acchi, Kocchi, Socchi   (1991, 1 Episode.)
Alternate Series Title: There, Here, Where Three Little Ghosts

The Creepy Crawler Goopmandoes   (1994, 23 Episodes.)
DinoZaurs DinoZaurs   (2000, 26 Episodes.)

Eagle Riders   (1996, 65 Episodes.)
Hammerhead Rock! Hammerhead Rock!   (2000, 39 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Flint The Time Detective

Little Mouse on the Prairie   (1997, 52 Episodes.)
Mon Colle Knights   (2001, 80 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Mon[Ster] Colle[Ction] Knight Of Rokumon

The Mouse and the Monster   (1996, 1 Episode.)
NASCAR Racers NASCAR Racers   (1999, 25 Episodes.)

Pigs Next Door   (2004, 13 Cartoons.)
Power Team   (1990, 1 Episode.)
Princess Sissi Princess Sissi   (1997, 52 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Princess Sissi

Princess Sissi

The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs The Secret Files of the Spydogs   (1998, 26 Episodes.)

Space Strikers Space Strikers   (1995, 1 Episode.)

Tenko And The Guardians Of The Magic Tenko And The Guardians Of The Magic   (1995, 13 Episodes.)

Transformers: Robots in Disguise   (2001, 39 Episodes.)
The Why Why Family   (1999, 1 Series.)
X-Men X-Men   (1992, 76 Episodes.)

Saban Entertainment Studio :


Les Mondes Engloutis (Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea) 1985
Bon Bon, Dr. Movie, France 2, France 3...
 featuring Arkana, Rebecca, Bob, Spartakus.

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Digimon: The Movie Picture Of Cartoon Digimon: The Movie1998
Tôei Company Ltd., Saban Entertainment, Inc.
 featuring Armadillomon, Wizardmon, Yolei, Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi, Agumon, Palmon, Hawkmon, Gomamon; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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