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Saturday Supercade

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A cartoon block whose cartoons were based on popular arcade games of the day. During the first season, "Donkey Kong", "Donkey Kong Jr.", "Frogger", "Pitfall", and "Q*Bert" were in the mix. "Frogger" and "Pitfall" were dropped and "Space Ace" and "Kangaroo" added for the second season.

Saturday Supercade Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

Donkey Kong Donkey Kong   (19 Episodes.)

Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong Jr.   (13 Episodes.)

Frogger   (13 Episodes.)
Kangaroo   (13 Episodes.)
Pitfall   (7 Episodes.)
Q*Bert   (19 Episodes.)
Space Ace   (13 Episodes.)

Saturday Supercade TV Episode Guide :


Saturday Supercade Picture Of The Cartoon Saturday Supercade1983
Ruby-Spears Productions
 featuring Donkey Kong, Mario, Pauline, Donkey Kong Jr., Bones, Q*Dad, Q*Bert, Q*Tee, Q*Val, Q*Bertha, Q*Mom, Viper, Coilee Snake, Ugg; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

BCDB Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.65 stars from 3 users.)