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Japanese Studio Title: 虫プロダクション

The home of anime legend Osamu Tezuka, who founed the studio after parting wats with T˘ei Company. Osamu Tezuka pioneered anime for Japanese television here, many of which were repackaged for the American audience. Despite it's numerous successes, the company went bankrupt in 1973. A new Mushi Studios opened again in 1977.

Mushi Prods Mushi Productions was based in Japan.
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Mushi Productions Studio Directory Anime Series:

  (1989, 1 Series.)

Andersen Monogatari   (1971, 52 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Andersen Stories
Animal 1   (1968, 1 Series.)
Ashita no Joe   (1970, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Tomorrow's Joe
Dororo   (1969, 26 Series.)
English Series Title: Dororo and Hyakkimaru
Ginga Sh˘nentai   (1963, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Galactic Boy Team
Gokű No Daib˘ken   (1967, 40 Series.)
English Series Title: Goku's Great Adventure
Kimba the White Lion   (1965 – 1966, 52 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Kimba The White Lion
  (1966, 1 Series.)
Kunimatsu-sama No Ot˘ridai   (1971, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Make Way for Mr. Kunimatsu
  (1984, 1 Episode.)

  (1989, 1 Series.)

  (1972, 52 Episodes.)

  (1970, 5 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Birth of Japan

  (1990, 1 Series.)

Sabu to Ichi Torimonohikae   (1968, 52 Series.)
English Series Title: Sabu And Ichi Investigate
Sasurai no Taiyo   (1971, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Wandering Sun
  (1989, 1 Series.)

Vampire   (1968, 1 Series.)
  (1988, 1 Series.)

Wonder 3   (1965, 52 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Wonder 3
Wanpaku Tankentai   (1968, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Naughty Detective Club
Wansa-Kun   (1973, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Little Wansa
  (1986, 1 Series.)