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A British studio, mainly producing stop motion and animated series aimed at children. Their first production was The Wombles from 1973, but their biggest hit was Paddington. The production company closed in the early 2000's, and their back catalogue is now held by Cookie Jar Entertainment.

FilmFair Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

The Adventures of Portland Bill   (1983, 5 Episodes.)
Astro Farm   (1992, 53 Episodes.)
The Blunders   (1984, 26 Episodes.)
The Dreamstone   (1990, 52 Episodes.)
Hattytown Tales   (1981, 5 Episodes.)
Moschops Moschops   (1983, 13 Episodes.)

Paddington Paddington   (1975, 56 Episodes.)

The Perishers The Perishers   (1979, 20 Episodes.)

Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings   (1971, 12 Episodes.)
Upstairs Downstairs Bears   (2001, 25 Episodes.)
Windfalls Windfalls   (1988, 26 Episodes.)

The Wombles The Wombles   (1973, 75 Episodes.)

FilmFair Studio :


Paddington Goes To The Movies 1986 02
 featuring Paddington Bear.

Paddington Goes To The Movies There have not yet been any votes for "Paddington Goes To The Movies". Vote Now! 23

Paddington Goes To School Picture Of Cartoon Paddington Goes To School1986 03
 featuring Paddington Bear.

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Paddington's Birthday Bonanza 1986 1
 featuring Paddington Bear.

Paddington's Birthday Bonanza There have not yet been any votes for "Paddington's Birthday Bonanza". Vote Now! 23