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Cookie Jar Entertainment

Cookie Jar Entertainment Studio Logo

Formerly known as Cinar Animation, the Cookie Jar Entertainment Group was created when it bought the embattled animation company in March 2004 with a group led by Nelvana key-men Michael Hirsh and Lesley Taylor.

Cookie Jar Entertainment was based in Toronto, Canada.

Cookie Jar Entertainment Studio Directories Cartoon Series:


Arthur Arthur   (2004-2012, 138 Episodes.)

Busytown Mysteries   (2007, 88 Episodes.)
Dark Oracle Dark Oracle   (2004, 27 Episodes.)

Gerald McBoing Boing   (2005, 28 Episodes.)
Kung Fu Dino Posse Kung Fu Dino Posse   (2009, 60 Episodes.)

Magi-Nation Magi-Nation   (2007, 7 Episodes.)

Metajets Metajets   (2010, 40 Episodes.)

Noonbory and the Super Seven Noonbory and the Super Seven   (2009, 52 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Noonbory and the Super 7

Potatoes & Dragons Potatoes & Dragons   (2004, 78 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Potatoes And Elephants

The Small Giant The Small Giant   (2008, 1 Series.)

Spaced Out Spaced Out   (2003, 26 Episodes.)
French Series Title: Allô La Terre, Ici Les Martin

Spider Riders   (2006, 40 Episodes.)
Will & Dewitt Will & Dewitt   (2007, 32 Episodes.)

Woofy Woofy   (2000, 65 Episodes.)

World Of Quest World Of Quest   (2003, 52 Episodes.)