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Formed in 2006 with the merger between Decode Entertainment and Halifax Film Company. The new company's name is a combination of these original companies initials. Vancouver's Studio B Productions was acquired by DHX Media in December 2007.

In August of 2012, DHX Media acquired Cookie Jar Group for $111 million. With the merger, DHX Media became the world's largest independent owner of children's television programming. The acquisition of Cookie Jar Group by DHX Media closed on October 22, 2012.

DHX Media is based in Canada.

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DHX Media Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Inspector Gadget   (2014, 1 Series.)

Rastamouse   (2011, 29 Episodes.)

Related Cartoon Series:

Cookie Jar Entertainment
  (2004-2012, 762 Cartoons)

Decode Entertainment
  (1997-2006, 924 Cartoons)

Johnny Test
  (2005-, 234 Cartoons)

Studio B Productions
  (2001-2007, 843 Cartoons)


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