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French Series Title: Allô La Terre, Ici Les Martin

Chosen by Krach Industries as director of their new sub-development, George Martin is in seventh heaven! A new town-house, state of the art technology and a salary to boot.

But Krach Industries has taken him for a cosmic ride! The truth is that the Martins are really just guinea pigs, sent off to live on a secret orbital station (S.O.S.!). Yet the Martins are neither rocket scientists nor kamikazes. George is a die-hard optimist and takes his responsibility as leader of the station pretty seriously. But leader of his own pack? His family is quite another story! His wife Monica is looking for an encounter of the third kind... her kind! His son Benjamin is a cosmic super-hero fanatic and his daughter Betty, a manic depressive. Great topics for cocktail chat between Fax and Goodgrief, their cat and dog philosophers.

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