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Animated shorts came to MGM late compared to other major studios. It was already 1930 when the studio was called on to distribute a series of cartoons from longtime Disney collaborator Ub Iwerks Studio that starred a character named Flip the Frog. The first Flip cartoon- Fiddlesticks- was notable for being the first sound cartoon to be produced in two-color Technicolor. The series ran to nearly forty entries before running out of steam in 1933, and was succeeded by Willie Whopper.

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MGM Shorts Theatrical Cartoon Series Cartoon Series:

Barney Bear   (1939-1954, 26 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Captain and the Kids   (1938-1939, 15 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Droopy   (1943-1958, 24 Theatrical Cartoons.)

George and Junior   (1946-1948, 5 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Happy Harmonies   (1934-1938, 36 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Screwy Squirrel   (1944-1946, 5 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Spike   (1949-1952, 5 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Spike and Tyke   (1957, 2 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Tom and Jerry   (1940-1958, 115 Theatrical Cartoons.)

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