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After a successful career at MGM, Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera open their own studio and single handedly invent the TV cartoon show format. Creating more than 1000 cartoon characters, Hanna-Barbera Productions remained a force in Saturday morning television well into the 90's.

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Hanna-Barbera Studios U-Z Cartoon Series Cartoon Series:

Valley of the Dinosaurs   (1974, 16 Episodes.)

Wacky Races   (1968, 34 Episodes.)

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home   (1972 – 1974, 48 Episodes.)

Wake, Rattle and Roll   (1990, 55 Episodes.)

What A Cartoon! Show Episode Guide   (1995 – 2000, 64 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: The Cartoon Cartoon Show

Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch   (1974 – 1975, 39 Episodes.)

Where's Huddles?   (1970, 10 Episodes.)

Wildfire   (1986, 13 Episodes.)

The World's Greatest Super Friends   (1979, 8 Episodes.)

Yo Yogi!   (1991, 19 Episodes.)

Yogi Bear and Friends   (1967, 7 Cartoons.)

The Yogi Bear Show   (1961, 100 Cartoons.)

Yogi's Gang   (1973, 17 Episodes.)

Yogi's Space Race   (1978, 53 Cartoons.)

Yogi's Treasure Hunt   (1986, 1 Series.)

Young Robin Hood   (1991, 26 Episodes.)

Young Samson and Goliath   (1967, 20 Episodes.)

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Yogi's Treasure Hunt
  (1985, 27 Cartoons)


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