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Uncle Croc's Block

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Uncle Croc’s Block was a Saturday morning TV show meant to poke fun at Saturday morning TV shows. This half-animated, half live-action kids show starred Charles Nelson Reilly as the host, Uncle Croc. Uncle Croc was constantly bickering with his assistant, Mr. Rabbit Ears, and the show’s director, Mr. Bitterbottom. He would occasionally stop his mean-spirited banter in order to introduce one of the show’s three cartoon segments.

Uncle Croc's Block Show Segments:

Fraidy Cat Fraidy Cat   (1975, 9 Episodes.)

M*U*S*H M*U*S*H   (1975, 30 Episodes.)

Wacky & Packy Wacky & Packy   (1975, 9 Episodes.)

Uncle Croc's Block TV Episode List :


Uncle Croc's Block Picture Into Cartoon Uncle Croc's Block1975
Filmation Associates
 featuring Uncle Croc, Mr. Rabbit Ears, Basil Bitterbottom, Steve Exhaustion.

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