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Columbia Pictures
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Alternate Studio Title: Sony Pictures

Columbia Pictures got off the ground when brothers Jack and Harry Cohn, and Joe Brandt founded Cohn-Brandt-Cohn Film Sales in 1919; it was 1924 before the company took on the Columbia name. Animation first came to the studio when Columbia began distributing Mickey Mouse and other shorts from The Walt Disney Studios.

Columbia Pictures is based in Culver City, California.

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Columbia Pictures Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Columbia Pictures Feature Films Feature Films   (1959-, 8 Theatrical Films.) 814
Man Called Flintstone, American Pop, Heavy Metal, Final Fantasy...

Columbia / Screen Gems Television Screen Gems   (1973, 16 Episodes.) 1455
Dilbert, Dragon Tales, Jackie Chan, Generation O!...

Shorts Shorts   (1929-1949, 393 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.) 945
Color Rhapsody, Krazy Kat, Fox and Crow, Barney Google...

Sony Pictures Animation Sony Pictures Animation   (2002-, 41 Cartoons.) 7676

UPA UPA   (1944-1964, 472 Cartoons.) 13
Mister Magoo, Tell-Tale Heart, Gerald McBoing Boing, Gay Purr-ee...