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Disney’s Mickey MouseWorks was conceived as an attempt to recreate the golden age of Disney's animated shorts, featuring some of Disney’s most popular characters— Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, and others. By using basic colors and the original sound effects, tremendous effort was put forth to capture the look and feel of classic Disney.

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Mickey MouseWorks Show Segments:

A Daisy Duck Cartoon   (1999, 2 Episodes.)

A Donald Duck Cartoon   (1999, 16 Episodes.)

Donald's Dynamite   (1999-2000, 5 Episodes.)

  (1999, 10 Episodes.)

Goofy's Extreme Sports   (1999-2000, 5 Episodes.)

Maestro Minnie   (1999-2000, 4 Episodes.)

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon   (1999-2000, 17 Episodes.)

Mickey to the Rescue   (1999-2000, 3 Episodes.)

A Mickey, Donald and Goofy Cartoon   (1999-2000, 6 Episodes.)

A Minnie Mouse Cartoon   (1999-2000, 3 Episodes.)

Mouse Tails   (1999, 3 Episodes.)

  (1999, 8 Episodes.)

Pluto Gets the Paper   (1999-2000, 6 Episodes.)

  (1999, 3 Episodes.)

Starring Donald Duck   (1999-2000, 25 Episodes.)

  (1999, 3 Episodes.)

Von Drake's House of Genius   (1999-2000, 4 Episodes.)

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