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Universal Studios Theatrical Cartoon Series:

Cartoon Melody Cartoon Melody   (1950-1952, 13 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Cinema Luke Cinema Luke   (1919-1920, 3 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Hysterical History Comedy Hysterical History Comedy   (1924, 1 Episode Theatrical Cartoon.)

Sing And Be Happy Sing And Be Happy   (1946-1948, 23 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Tad's Cat Tad's Cat   (1919, 1 Episode Theatrical Cartoon.)

The Whozit Weekly The Whozit Weekly   (1918-1920, 65 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Universal Studios Theatrical Cartoon List :


Swat The Fly Picture Of The Cartoon Swat The Fly1916
 featuring Frenchman, Englishman, Irishman, Fly.

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The Phox, The Box & The Lox Picture Of The Cartoon The Phox, The Box & The Lox1999
Universal Cartoon Studios
 featuring The Phox, The Lox, Milkmaid, Elderly Man.

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