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Xilam Animation

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Xilam Animation is a French animation company which first began production in 1999. Founded by Marc du Pontavice, who took over the Gaumont Multimedia assets and catalogue, today, the award-winning company operates from an extensive studio in Paris, employing a talented team of over 150 people.

Xilam Animation is based in Paris, France.

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Xilam Animation Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Bienvenue Chez les Ronk! Bienvenue Chez les Ronk!   (2013, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Welcome to the Ronks!

Cartouche Cartouche   (2001-2002, 26 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Cartouche: Prince Of The Streets

Dragon Flyz Dragon Flyz   (1996-1997, 26 Series.)

Flapacha, Où es-tu? Flapacha, Où es-tu?   (2012, 25 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Floopaloo, Where Are You?

Hubert & Takako Hubert & Takako   (2012–2013, 28 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Hubert and Takako

La Famille Féerique La Famille Féerique   (2006, 1 Series.)

Les Dalton Les Dalton   (2009-2013, 78 Episodes.)
English Series Title: The Daltons

Magic Magic   (2006, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: A Kind Of Magic

Mr Bébé Mr Bébé   (2008, 35 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Mr. Baby

Oggy Et Les Cafards Oggy Et Les Cafards   (1999-2008, 195 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Oggy And The Cockroaches

Paprika Paprika   (2014, 1 Series.)

The Race The Race   (2013, 1 Series.)

Rahan Rahan   (2007, 1 Series.)

Rantanplan Rantanplan   (2006, 1 Series.)

Ratz Ratz   (2003, 39 Episodes.)

Shuriken School   (2006-2008, 65 Episodes.)
Sky Dancers Sky Dancers   (1996-1997, 26 Episodes.)

Toupou Toupou   (2005, 26 Episodes.)

Zig et Sharko Zig et Sharko   (2010-2014, 78 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Zig & Sharko

Xilam Animation Studio :


Kaena, Le Prophétie (Kaena: The Prophecy) The Cartoon Pictures Kaena, Le Prophétie (Kaena: The Prophecy)2003
Chaman Productions, Studio Canal...
 featuring Kaena, Opaz, La Reine, Le Prêtr, Opaz, Kaena, Queen of the Selenites, Bobby, Voxem, Assad, Gommy, Zehos, Essy, Ilpo; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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Tous À l'Ouest: Une Nouvelle Aventure de Lucky Luke (Go West!: A Lucky Luke Adventure) The Cartoon Pictures Tous À l'Ouest: Une Nouvelle Aventure de Lucky Luke (Go West!: A Lucky Luke Adventure)2007
Xilam Animation, Dargaud Marina, La Fabrique...
 featuring Lucky Luke, Dalton Brothers.

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Shuriken School The Movie The Cartoon Pictures Shuriken School The Movie2007
Xilam Animation, Tooncan XXII Inc.
 featuring Eizan, Jimmy, Okuni.

BCDB Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.95 stars from 4 users.)