The Race

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They come from the four corners of the world and right out of History books! The twelve best pilots since the beginning of time are going to compete on the most amazing race circuits in order to bring home the prestigious Golden Helmet championship. But things arenít just wild and wacky on tracks, they get pretty crazy behind the scenes too. Toss in die-hard rivalries, harebrained mix-ups and temperamental prima donnas and youíve got a show thatís anything but a Sunday drive in the country.

In this highly original cocktail of daredevil stunts and wacky humor, The Race follows the budding career of Pepper Roc, a reckless young pilot who races for Thunderbolt Gang. He is going to have to step on the gas to get his team into pole position and just maybe, one day, make own his dream come true: become a real champion!

Xilam Animation