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The Tele-Comics

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Along with "Crusader Rabbit," this was the first animated series expressly made for television. The first four cartoons were shown in syndication. A year later, on September 18, 1950, the show premiered on NBC under the title "The NBC Comics," and the other four cartoons were added.

The Tele-Comics Show Segments:

Brother Goose   (1949, 1 Series.)
Danny March Danny March   (1949, 1 Series.)

Joey And Jug   (1949, 1 Series.)
Johnny And Mr. Do Right   (1949, 1 Series.)
Kid Champion Kid Champion   (1949, 1 Series.)

Rick Rack, Secret Agent   (1949, 1 Series.)
Space Barton Space Barton   (1949, 1 Series.)

Su Lah   (1949, 1 Series.)

The Tele-Comics TV Episode List :


The Tele-Comics (Series) Cartoons Picture The Tele-Comics (Series)1949
Vallee Video
 featuring Brother Goose, Joey, Jug, Rick Rack, Su Lah, Danny March, Mayor, Johnny, Mr. Do Right, Eddie Hale/Kid Champion; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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