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The Mouse and the Monster

This show, which is loosely based on the Frankenstein movies, is about a mouse named Ches and his friend, a goofy monster named Mo, who are constantly on the run from Mo's crazy creator, Dr. Wackersteen and his bored wife Olga. It started when Wackersteen and Olga were at a concert where a pianist named Flatnoski suddenly died of a heart attack. Wackersteen removes Flatnoski's brain and plans to put it into Mo's head so he can "make Flatnoski live again." But Mo had other plans. Soon, Mo meets Ches, become friends and run with the Doc and Olga on their tails.

The Mouse and the Monster TV Episode Guide :


The Mouse And The Monster 1996
Saban Entertainment
 featuring Ches, Mo, Dr. Wackersteen, Olga, Flatnoski.

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