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Founded by Suzanne Ryan, SLR Productions is one of Australia's leading and Emmy Award winning children’s entertainment companies that specializes in the creative development and production of world-class children's entertainment programs.

SLR Productions Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Gasp!   (2011, 52 Episodes.)

Teenage Fairytale Dropouts   (2011, 1 Series.)

Related Cartoon Series:

The DaVincibles
  (2011, 1 Cartoons)

  (2006, 13 Cartoons)

Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist
  (2008-2009, 26 Cartoons)

Guess How Much I Love You
  (2011, 36 Cartoons)

I Got A Rocket!
  (2007, 52 Cartoons)


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