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Rankin Bass Productions

Rankin Bass Productions Studio Logo

Rankin Bass Productions is most noted for their stop-motion animation specials, especially the Rudolph and Frosty Christmas specials. However, Rankin Bass Productions also made a fair amount of traditional animated films. They pioneering form of puppet animation was self-titled: "Animagic."

While conceived and written in the U.S., Rankin/Bass productions were made in Japan; stop-motion by Japanese animator Tadahito Mochinaga and cel animation varying between Crawley Films, Tôei Company and Mushi Productions.

Rankin Bass Productions was based in Burbank, California.

Rankin Bass Productions Studio Directories Cartoon Series:


The Comic Strip The Comic Strip   (1987, 129 Episodes.)

Festival of Family Classics Festival of Family Classics   (1972, 20 Episodes.)

Jackson 5ive Jackson 5ive   (1971, 23 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Jackson Five

Kid Power Kid Power   (1972, 1 Series.)

The King Kong Show The King Kong Show   (1966, 75 Episodes.)

The New Adventures of Pinocchio The New Adventures of Pinocchio   (1960, 130 Episodes.)

The Osmonds The Osmonds   (1972, 17 Episodes.)

The Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad The Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad   (1970, 1 Series.)

SilverHawks SilverHawks   (1986, 65 Episodes.)

Tales of The Wizard of Oz Tales of The Wizard of Oz   (1961, 110 Episodes.)

The Smokey Bear Show The Smokey Bear Show   (1969, 51 Episodes.)

ThunderCats ThunderCats   (1985, 130 Episodes.)

The Tomfoolery Show The Tomfoolery Show   (1970, 1 Series.)

Specials Specials   (1964, 39 Specials.)

Feature Films Feature Films   (1965-1999, 8 Theatrical Films.)

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