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The King Kong Show

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Series co-produced with Japanese animation company Tei Company. Toei funded part of the series itself, and did also show this series in Japan. However, designs, scripts, storyboards and voice track were supplied ready-made from the United States.

The King Kong Show Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

King Kong King Kong   (1966, 50 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: King Kong Ruler of the World

Tom Thumb, 001/7   (1966, 24 Episodes.)

The King Kong Show TV Episode Guide :


The King Kong Show Cartoon Picture The King Kong Show1966
Rankin Bass Productions, Videocraft International...
 featuring King Kong, Professor Bond, Bobby Bond, Mecha-Kong, Susan Bond, Captain Englehorne, Dr. Who, Tom, Swinging Jack; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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