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RTV Family Entertainment

RTV Family Entertainment Studio Logo

German company that produces entertainment programs for children, young people, and families, as well as in related license trading activities. It produces animations, cartoons, live-action, game and quiz shows, and infotainment programs, as well as develops and produces television series as co-producer. The company also engages in the manufacture and distribution of DVDs and audio products, as well as third party products in the field of home entertainment. Renamed to Your Family Entertainment in 2006.

RTV Family Entertainment was based in Germany.

RTV Family Entertainment Studio Directories Cartoon Series:


Albert Asks: Albert Asks: "What is Life?"   (26 Cartoons.)

Die Gnarfs Die Gnarfs   (2003, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: The Gnarfs

Fix & Foxi   (209 Series.)
Gloria und ihre Familie Gloria und ihre Familie   (2001, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Gloria's House

Philipp die Maus Philipp die Maus   (1989, 98 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Philipp

Turtle Island Turtle Island   (1999, 26 Episodes.)
French Series Title: L'ile De La Tortue

Wicked Wicked   (2000, 26 Episodes.)

Wilf, the Witch's Dog Wilf, the Witch's Dog   (2003, 18 Episodes.)