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English Series Title: Philipp

This TV series had a related hour-long live-action special, "Philipps Tierstunde."

Philipp the pot-bellied mouse and his play-cat Tiger skid into one turbulent adventure after the other. When it comes to making a huge sandwich, taking care of an annoying fly or unwillingly playing Tarzan, our little friend is always there. He accomplishes everyday tasks with humor and cleverness.

Philipp is gifted in so many ways. His favourite pastime is to hang about with his friends, the animals. As the moderator of his own TV show, he explains important and interesting facts about the animal world to his little viewers. But Philipp is talented beyond that: as a cartoon mouse, time and again, he aims straight for the knack of all kinds of things- be it love, arts or cuisine.

Philipp's amiable and trustworthy personality is marked by non-violence and love of nature.

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