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RKO Radio Pictures

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Not an animation studio per se, but one of five main studios of Hollywood's Golden Age.

RKO Radio Pictures Studio :


Creation (Not Released)
RKO Radio Pictures

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When's Your Birthday? 1937
RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
 featuring Dustin Willoughby, Jerry Grant, Larry Burke, Henry Basscombe, Fanny Basscombe, Diane Basscombe, Mossy, James J. Regan; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

When's Your Birthday? There have not yet been any votes for "When's Your Birthday?". Vote Now! 23

Hansel And Gretel Cartoon Pictures Hansel And Gretel1954
RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
 featuring Hansel, Gretel, The Witch, Mother, Father, Dew Fairy, Sandman, Rosina Rubylips.

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