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Hal Roach Studios

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Founded by Harold Eugene Roach in 1915, the studio is famous for it's short comedies. Roach, along with Mack Sennett, one of the top two producers of comedies during Hollywood's formative days. The studio employed a literal who's who of famous early film stars including Harold Lloyd, Will Rogers, Max Davidson, the Our Gang kids, Charley Chase, Harry Langdon, Thelma Todd, ZaSu Pitts, Patsy Kelly and, probably most famously, Laurel and Hardy.

Hal Roach Studios Studio :


Flying Elephants Picture To Cartoon Flying Elephants1928
Hal Roach Studios
 featuring Elephants, Little Twinkle Star, Mighty Giant, Saxophonus, Cavewoman, Gorgeous Wrestler, Blushing Rose, Fisherman; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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