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Pony Canyon

Pony Canyon Studio Logo

Japanese Studio Title: 株式会社ポニーキャニオン

Established by Nippon Broadcasting System in 1966 as a music division called Nippon Broadcasting System Service. The name change to Pony Canyon happened in 1987, with a merger with Canyon Records.

Pony Canyon is based in Japan.

Official Pony Canyon Studio Site

Pony Canyon Studio Directories Anime Series:


Anime Complex   (1998, 4 Series.)
Anime Complex II   (1998, 6 Cartoons.)
Anime Complex Night   (2001, 3 Series.)
Bartender   (2006, 1 Series.)
Kodomo no Omocha Kodomo no Omocha   (1995-1998, 102 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Child's Toy