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Nerd Corps Entertainment is a full service property development and animation studio based out of Vancouver, Canada. The company was formed in 2002, with the primary goal of breaking free from the preconceived boundaries of 3-D animation in order to produce stylistically innovative animated projects—from inception all the way to final delivery—based on a solid foundation of superb storytelling. Nerd Corps’s television development slate aims to blend humor with action/adventure, targeting an audience of six- to 12-year-olds.

Nerd Corps Entertainment is based in Vancouver, Canada with offices in Toronto, Ontario.

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Nerd Corps Entertainment Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Dragon Booster   (2004, 26 Episodes.)

Endangered Species   (2013-, 1 Series.)

Kate & Mim-Mim   (2014, 1 Series.)

League Of Super Evil   (2009-2010, 81 Episodes.)

Rated A For Awesome   (2011, 28 Episodes.)

Slugterra   (2012, 1 Series.)

Storm Hawks   (2007, 29 Episodes.)

  (1 Series.)

Related Cartoon Series:

Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5
  (2009, 52 Cartoons)

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