Team Awethum!!!

What do four little nerds from Glickersville have in common? Utter and relentless enthusiasm for Adventure Missions, and saving the town from the forces of cool! As Teem Commander Supremo, Thera Kerplopolis is undoubtedly the most enthusiastic nerd in all of Glickersville. Watching her back on TEEM AWTHUM’s many adventures are Colon Clump, as Special-ops-Quadruple-Extra Black-Belt-Ninjitsu-Stunt-Commando (getting his butt-kicked almost daily has made him an expert on the field of school-based kid-to-kid combat); Lars Arst as Lead Master of Illusion/Actor (he can make a whole class disappear by closing his eyes); and Noam Plinsky, International Cyborg of Mystery and Intrigue (who may or may not lead an intriguing secret life—which may or may not include top secret agents).

Nerd Corps Ent