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Negativ Film Productions

Founded in 1995, Negativ s.r.o. is one of the leading film production companies in Czech Republic. Generally focusing on developing new talents and projects with international potential, Negativ has produced award-winning films, most notably Return of the Idiot (1999), Year of the Devil (2002), Something Like Happiness (2005) and René (2008).

Negativ Film Productions Studio :


Karneval Zvířat (The Carnival Of The Animals) 2006
Negativ Film Productions, Soundsquare s.r.o....
 featuring Men, Women.

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Alois Nebel Pictures In Cartoon Alois Nebel2011
Negativ, Ceská Televize...
 featuring Alois Nebel, Kveta, Wachek, The Mute, Old Wachek, Olda, Shockin, Dorothe.

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