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Mercury Filmworks

Mercury Filmworks Studio Logo

In late 1997, Clint Eland founded Mercury Filmworks with the help of Vancouver businessman and entrepreneur Reg Eland (yes, they are related). Mercury Filmworks was conceived as a new kind of children’s and family entertainment company. A place where the traditions of art, creativity, and storytelling would be brought together with an extraordinary understanding of digital production.

Mercury Filmworks is based in Vancouver and Ottawa, Canada.

Official Mercury Filmworks Studio Site

Mercury Filmworks Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Atomic Puppet Atomic Puppet   (2013, 1 Series.)

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra Sky Pirates of Neo Terra   (2014, 1 Series.)

Toot & Puddle Toot & Puddle   (35 Episodes.)

Mercury Filmworks Studio :


Animated American Pictures Cartoons Animated American2008
Mercury Filmworks, Grinnell Drive Productions...
 featuring Max Rabbit, Bogie Bear, Eric Moeberg, Trixie.

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