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Mac Guff Ligne

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Mac Guff is a French visual effects company based in Paris, France, and additional facilities in both Los Angeles, California. Mac Guff specializes in the creation of computer-generated imagery for commercials, music videos and feature films. In mid-2011, the company was split in two, and the animation department has been acquired by Illumination Entertainment. The company name Mac Guff was inspired by the term MacGuffin popularized by director and producer Alfred Hitchcock.

Mac Guff Ligne is based in Paris, France.

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Mac Guff Ligne Studio Directory Cartoon Series:

Pat et Stanley Pat et Stanley   (2008, 31 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Pat And Stanley

Mac Guff Ligne Studio :


Kirikou et Les Hommes et Les Femmes Pictures Cartoons Kirikou et Les Hommes et Les Femmes2012
Les Armateurs, Mac Guff Ligne, France 3 Cinéma, Studio O...
 featuring Kirikou, Karaba.

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Asterix: Le Domaine des Dieux Pictures Cartoons Asterix: Le Domaine des Dieux2014
M6 , Mikros Image Animation Paris
 featuring Asterix, Obelix, Julius Caesar, Fulliautomatix, Abraracourcix, Senator, Unhygienix, Cohort Chief.

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The Minions Pictures Cartoons The Minions2015
Illumination Entertainment
 featuring Minions.

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