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Klasky Csupo

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FOunded by Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo in 1982in a spare room of their apartment in 1981, Klasky Csupo grew to 550 artists, creative workers and staff in a state-of-the–art animation facility located in the heart of Hollywood. During more than 20 years of operation, Klasky Csupo has created, developed, animated or produced era-defining television programming like “The Simpsons” and “Rugrats”, in addition, “Rocket Power”, “All Grown Up”, “Wild Thornberrys”, “Aaah! Real Monsters”, “As Told By Ginger”, “Stressed Eric”, “Duckman”, “Santa Bugito” and “Edith Ann” TV specials, voiced by Lily Tomlin.

Klasky Csupo is based in U.S.A..

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Klasky Csupo Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters AAAHH!!! Real Monsters   (1994, 116 Episodes.)

All Grown Up All Grown Up   (2003, 50 Episodes.)

Angelica and Susie's Pre-School Daze Angelica and Susie's Pre-School Daze   (2005, 4 Episodes.)

As Told By Ginger As Told By Ginger   (2000, 59 Episodes.)

Duckman Duckman   (1994, 70 Episodes.)

The Immigrants The Immigrants   (2003, 1 Episode.)

Rocket Power Rocket Power   (1999, 123 Episodes.)

Rugrats Rugrats   (1990, 335 Episodes.)

Santo Bugito Santo Bugito   (1995, 13 Episodes.)

The Simpsons The Simpsons   (1989, 62 Episodes.)

Stressed Eric Stressed Eric   (1998, 13 Episodes.)

The Wild Thornberrys The Wild Thornberrys   (1998, 90 Episodes.)

Klasky Csupo Feature Films Feature Films   (2002, 4 Theatrical Films.)

Specials Specials   (1996, 6 Specials.)

Klasky Csupo Studio :


Shadrach Pictures Of Cartoons Shadrach1989
Klasky Csupo

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Milch 2005
Klasky Csupo
 featuring Boy.

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Immigrants L.A. Dolce Vita Pictures Of Cartoons Immigrants L.A. Dolce Vita2008
Production Company Grana Allure Entertainment, Klasky-Csupo...
 featuring Joska, Vladislav.

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