Al Zeimer

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At 78, free spirited Al Zeimer returns to his home-town to reside at the local seniorsí residence. But no one expected a resident like Al. Heís spry and energetic with a new idea always up his sleeve. His schemes might please the residents but rarely the penny pinching management. No, Al wonít be put out to pasture just yet. In fact heís living proof that growing old is just as much fun as being a kid. Each episode has a colorful cast of residents reeling and recovering from yet another of Alís crazy schemes, during which all the taboos associated with growing old such as senility and incontinence stir up laughter and action. Thereís just one thing that Al hadnít expected to deal with and thatís his family. At 78, much to his surprise, Al, the detached world traveler, develops a deep affection for his 10 year old great-nephew. However the kidís Mom is not to be trusted and is only interested in ensuring that she will collect her inheritance sooner rather than later.

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