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Kinex Studios

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From 1927 to 1930, Kinex Studios produced stop-motion animated films exclusively for home viewing. Their stable of characters included Chip the Wooden Man, Snap the Gingerbread Man, and Daffy Doing in Doodlebugville. Because they were not released theatrically and were never broadcast on television, these are relatively unknown films.

Kinex Studios Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Chip the Wooden Man   (1927-1930, 9 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)
Daffy Doing in Doodlebugville   (1928-1929, 10 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)
Snap The Gingerbread Man   (1927-1930, 7 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Kinex Studios Studio :


Down In Mexico 1928
Kinex Studios

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