Russian Studio Title: Киевнаучфильм

In English, Kiev Science Films. This was a film studio in the former Soviet Union located in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR. This government-owned studio was tasked with the production of popular science films and documentaries covering a broad range of topics. In addition it released 342 animated films, a large number of which are still popular today, such as a series about Zaporizhian Cossacks (directed by Vladimir Dakhno), Adventures of Captain Vrungel series, Doctor Aybolit, and a version of Treasure Island (all three directed by David Cherkasky).

Kievnauchfilm was based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Kievnauchfilm Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Doktor Ajbolit   (1984-1985, 7 Theatrical Films.)
Alternate Series Title: Doctor Aibolit

  (1968, 3 Theatrical Films.)

  (1988, 3 Theatrical Films.)

  (1986, 2 Theatrical Films.)
Alternate Series Title: Treasure Island

  (1976-1979, 4 Theatrical Films.)
English Series Title: The Adventures of Captain Vrungel

  (1967-1995, 9 Theatrical Films.)
Alternate Series Title: Everything About The Cossacks

Kievnauchfilm Studio :

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