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This French production studio was founded in 1996, by Philippe Delarue. Futurikon specializes in the production and worldwide sales of animation programs, feature films and documentaries. In recent years, Futurikon has strengthened its live action production.

Futurikon is based in Paris, France.

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Futurikon Studio Listings:

Chasseurs de Dragons   (2006-2007, 52 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Dragon Hunters

  (2006, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Gloria, Wilma and Me

Das Hässliche Entlein & Ich   (2006, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: The Ugly Duckling and Me!

Iron Nose   (2001, 52 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Iron-Nose: The Mysterious Knight

Kaput et Zösky   (2003, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Kaput And Zosky

Malo Korrigan Et Les Traceurs De l'Espace   (2002, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers

Les p'tits Diables   (2012, 78 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Little Tornados

Pop Secret   (2007-209, 7 Episodes.)

La Vache, le Chat et l'Océan   (2006-2007, 51 Episodes.)
English Series Title: A Cat, a Cow and the Ocean

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