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Epidem ZOT

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Epidem develops films, products and services based on original animation concepts, in co-operation with international studios and production companies.

Epidem ZOT is based in Ekenäs, Finland.

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Epidem ZOT Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Die Hydronauten Die Hydronauten   (2003, 26 Episodes.)

The Sun Is A Yellow Giraffe The Sun Is A Yellow Giraffe   (1998, 10 Episodes.)

Yellow Giraffe’s Animal Stories   (2003, 26 Episodes.)

Epidem ZOT Studio :


Maaginen Kristalli (The Magic Crystal) Cartoon Character Picture Maaginen Kristalli (The Magic Crystal)2011
Epidem, uFilm, Araneo, Skyline Entertainment, Casa Kafka Pictures...
 featuring Yotan, Jaga, Jiffy, Basil, Lätty, Didi, Smoo, Alpo, Joulupukki.

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