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The Super 6

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The Super 6 is a group of super heroes for hire that worked the Super Services Incorporated. With each of their special individual powers, they defeated the enemy that they were called upon to vanquish. There was usually 3 segments to the show. The lead-off segment would be an episode of Super Bwoing, and the show would wrap up with an episode featuring the Brothers Matzoriley. Between the two would be an episode starred one of the other Super 6 members.

The Super 6 Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

The Brothers Matzoriley   (1966, 20 Episodes.)
Captain Whammo Captain Whammo   (1966, 5 Episodes.)

Elevator Man   (1966, 4 Episodes.)
Granite Man   (1966, 4 Episodes.)
Magneto Man   (1966, 4 Episodes.)
Super Bwoing   (20 Cartoons.)
Super Scuba Super Scuba   (1966, 4 Episodes.)

The Super 6 TV Episode Guide :


The Super 6 (Series) Picture Of Cartoon The Super 6 (Series)1966
DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, Mirisch-Rich Productions...
 featuring Super Bwoing, The Brothers Matzoriley, Granite Man, Magneto Man, Elevator Man, Super Scuba; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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